John, apologize to her.约翰,向他道歉

I’m really sorry.

John, you listen to me! --I don’t want to.约翰,你听我说.

Mom, watch!

Watch out! Don’t play with that thing.


Can you fix my bicycle?

Do it yourself. /Do it by yourself.


Do it for yourself.

I’m going to give up.

You should finish what u start. 别半途而废.

Don’t leave things half done.

You failed the exam again.

I’m ready to throw in the towel. 我认输了 .

It’s your duty to do that.


It’s up to you to do that.

It’s your responsibility.

Be good to others.要善待他人.

Do unto others as you would have done to you.*正式的说法。

You should treat others kindly.

Do unto others.

You can’t be too careful. 你要再三小心

That’s true.

It’s best to be as safe as possible.

It’s better safe than sorry.

Make up your mind after thinking it over carefully. 下决心(三思而后行)

Make your decision after you give it a lot of thought.

Think it over carefully before u decide.

I’m counting on you.我全靠你了

I’m relying on you.

I don’t think she’s mean.我没觉得她有什么恶意

You’ll see. 你终究会明白的。

You’ll find out soon enough.

Time will tell. 时间会证明一切。

Calm down and think carefully.冷静


We need to know who’s buying our products.

That’s the most important thing.


That’s the name of the game.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 人要有自知之明.

Don’t attempt more than u r capable of.

There isn’t much merit in doing so. 价值(这是做起来没有太大价值.)

There is no reason to do so.

I don’t see the point of doing that.

What you need is a little more effort.


You should put a little more effort into it.

You should try a little harder.

Respect yourself. 有点自尊心吧!

I don’t think I can do it.

I hope u’ll be more positive overall.积极的(我希望你事事要积极.)

I hope you’ll be more positive in every way.

I wish you’d be more positive.

U should be more optimistic.积极的,乐观

If u practice hard, u’ll get a gold medal.

That’s easy for you to say. 你说得容易。

There’s no reason for complaints. 抱怨

There is no reason to complain.你发什么牢骚.There is nothing to complain about.

Did you pass the exam?

How did you know?

It’s written all over your face. 你脸上都写着呀

It’s obvious.

I can see it in your eyes.

It’s natural for me to get angry.当然自然会…(我当然会生气了)

Why shouldn’t I be angry?

I have a right to be upset!

My reaction is completely appropriate.

Are you sure about it?

I’m telling you this from my experience


Let me offer you some advice. From my experience…

Can’t you think of it differently?


Can’t you look at it another way?

Can’t you think of it in a different way?

Just think of it!好好想想.

Just imagine.

The newspapers say that the yen will go up soon .

Don’t trust it. /Trust it.不要轻信.

Be cautious. 请慎重 /Be careful.

I’m so gullible. 易受骗的,轻信的


We don’t need to worry about him.

Don’t underestimate him. 别小看他.

You shouldn’t underestimate his abilities.

He is better than you think.

That’s the name of the game. 那是最重要的!

I can’t make any exceptions for you.

We can’t give you any special treatment.

I can’t make an exception for you. 我不能对你特殊.

I don’t know how to do it.

Use your head!动动脑子. You can do it.

My boss scolded me today.

You asked for it! You didn’t finish your report on time again. 自作自受,活该

My boss criticized my sloppy personal appearance. 穿得邋遢

Well, if the shoe fits, wear it. 如果批评得对,你就接受吧。


Let me give you a piece of advice.


Let me tell you something.

I think you should know…

Watch out! 小心!

Thanks! You saved my life.

Look out! /Be careful! /Heads up!

You’d better be careful!

Please be careful!

You should be careful!

You should watch out!

Watch your step!注意脚下 --Oh, yeah? Why?

Mind your step.

Be careful where you walk.

Look where you’re going.

Hold on to me tight. 抓紧我/ Hold me tightly.

Don’t let go! 别松手!

Watch out for him! 要提防着点儿他!

Be careful of him. /Keep ur eye on him.

That sounds easy.

Well, there’s a little catch. 可是,有点蹊跷、有陷阱、有圈套

There’s something to it.这里有点蹊跷

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Think twice before you do it. 三思而后行

Easy does it, doesn’t drop the TV.动作轻点.轻拿轻放

Don’t worry. I won’t.

Gently. /Be careful.

It’s my first time,

please go easy on me. 手下留情、对…留有余地

Alright, I’ll try.

I think I’ve got the job. Let’s celebrate!

Let’s not jump the gun.为时过早,操之过急,抢跑(别操之过急)

Let’s not be too hasty.

Let’s not rush into things.

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

I bought four dozen eggs. 打

Let’s not go overboard. 过火、过度(别做的过火)

Let’s not go too far. /Let’s not be extreme.

Let’s wait and see how things go.


Let’s wait and see.

So, I think she’s pregnant. 怀孕

Don’t jump to conclusions! 过早下结论


Don’t prejudge it! 别凭想像判断。

Don’t make assumptions! 主观臆断

Don’t get the wrong idea.

Don’t be selfish 别那么自私. /Don’t be self-centered.

Don’t be egotistical.

Your work is always inconsistent. 不一致的、不稳定的(你的工作边线总是不稳定)

Your work is always erratic.

Your work is always patchy.

Your work is always uneven.

You shouldn’t spend money foolishly.


You should try to be thriftier. 节约

U shouldn’t spend ur money like water.

You shouldn’t waste your money.

You have an attitude problem.你的态度太恶劣了.

Who are you to say that?

I don’t like your attitude.

You have a bad attitude.

You need to readjust your attitude.

Don’t be so naughty. 顽皮、淘气


Don’t do such naughty things.

Don’t be so bad.

Behave yourself! 有点礼貌!

Hold it down! 请安静

Be quiet! /Keep it down! /Keep it quiet!

Silence! *用于学校老师对学生。

Turn it down! 关小声音

Hush! /Shh. 嘘!安静!

It’s too noisy. 太吵了/It’s too loud.

I’m going to dance.

Don’t make a fool of yourself. 别丢人现眼

Don’t play the fool.

Don’t make an ass out of yourself. 驴

Stop acting like a fool.

Think about where you are. 分清场合

You should consider where you are.

How do you like my new red skirt?

Act your age. 你也不看看你多大了。

You should act your age.

Behave in accordance with what is expected of your age!

You should behave more maturely. 成熟

You shouldn’t act like a child.

Your view is too optimistic.你想得也太天真了

You should get your head out of the clouds. 你的想法太不实际了

Maybe you’re right. I should try to be more down-to-earth. 现实、实际

You aren’t being realistic.

You should be more logical.

Don’t make such stupid mistakes again! *make a mistake “出错”。


I won’t, I won’t.

You should be more careful!

Don’t make dumb mistakes again!

Don’t be stuck-up. 骄傲自满、自高自大


Don’t be so pompous. 自负的、华而不实

Don’t be such a snob. 势利

Don’t act like you’re better than I am.

Don’t flatter yourself so much. *flatter oneself 骄傲自满、得意洋洋

He’s so short.

Listen, don’t judge a book by its cover.

He was the best basketball player in California last year.

Never judge something by its looks.

Appearances are deceiving.

Don’t form an opinion about something based on appearance alone.

Hey, you, asshole! 你这个混蛋!

Watch your tongue. 说话留点神儿

Watch your language. /Watch ur mouth.

Be careful of what you say.

Don’t use bad language.

Follow the rules. 要遵守规则

You’re the one not following the rules.

Don’t violate rules. / Don’t break the rules.

Don’t violate regulations.

Stop goofing off! 别偷懒!

You should make sth out of yourself! /Get a life! /Don’t be a bum!

Get a job! 去找个工作。

Grow up!

Do as I said! 照我说的做 /Do what I said.

Do what I tell you to do!

Don’t say bad things about others.


Don’t speak ill of others.

Don’t speak bad about other people.

I’m sorry, I can’t do that.

Don’t go back on your word! 别食言。

Don’t break your promise.

You should keep your word.

Don’t take on more than you can.


Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Don’t be rude! 别那么粗鲁. /Don’t be impolite!

You’re fired! 你别开除了!/Man, u’re out of here. *严厉

I have to sack u. /I have to let u go.*温和

I don’t want to be a leader.

Be a man! 像个男子汉!/Be strong!

Don’t be a wimp! 别那么窝囊/懦弱!

Don’t be a chicken! 别当胆小鬼。

Don’t talk boastfully. 自吹自擂

Don’t brag. /Don’t boast.

You should be more modest. 谦虚

Please don’t disappoint me. 请别让我失望.

Please don’t let me down.

Don’t flirt with girls/boys!引诱、挑逗


I was just being friendly.我只是表示友好

Don’t make eyes at her/him! 眉来眼去

Don’t complain and do as you are told.


Do what I tell you to do without complaining.

Make it snappy! 快!、干脆点儿!

Step on it! 麻利点,利索点!/Hurry it up! / Be quick!

Get a move on! /Move it! /Snap to it.


It’s all your fault!

Don’t blame me, 别把责任推给我.I’m innocent.

Don’t say it’s my fault.

Don’t put the blame on me.

Don’t accuse me.

You’re to blame. 这是你的过错。

Why me? 怎么是我?

It’s your fault.

We will not take your illness into consideration.

Put yourself in my shoes.你站到我的立场上想想.

Try to see it from my point of view.

Try to see it my way.

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?


How do you live with yourself?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I’ll give him a piece of my mind.

*give…a piece of…'s mind 严厉批评


I’ll give him a piece of my mind for lying!

I don’t blame you.

I’d like you to lie for me.

Please don’t involve me!

I don’t want to get involved.

I got in trouble for lying.

I told you so. 我早就说过了吧You shouldn’t lie.

See, I told you so.

There now, didn’t I tell you?

You should have listened to me.

My son stopped going to school.

You knew that, didn’t you? 你知道的吧?

It is as if I had done something wrong.


It’s as if it’s my fault. /It’s as if I’m to blame.

It’s like I did something wrong.

He chickened out at the last moment.


Don’t take it out on me. 冲…发火


Don’t take your frustration out on me.

Don’t treat me badly just because you had a bad day.

I didn’t do anything wrong!

Pay up! 还我钱.Pay your debt! /Pay me back!

Give me my money now!

Can you wait till next month?

You’ll pay for this. 你会为此付出的

You’re out of your mind! 你疯啦!

You’re off your rocker. /You’re nuts.

You shouldn’t say things like that


Don’t say stuff like that.

It’s for your own good!这可全是为了你

I don’t want to.

It’s for your own good!

It’s for your own benefit.

It’s for your own sake.

You’ve got an ugly tie on.

Why are you picking on me? 责备、挑刺(你为什么老是挑我的刺)

He always finds fault with my work.挑剔(他对我的工作总是挑剔)


Hold it! /Stop! /Cut it out! 等等!、停下!

Hold it! It’s time for lunch.

It’s about time. 总算到点了。

Knock it off! *俚语,安静!、别动!

Wait! You forgot your umbrella.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

Wait a minute, please!

Just a minute, please!

Hold on! /Give me a minute!

Uh-uh-uh! Leave the cake alone.别动!别动…

I want it. 可我想吃。

Don’t do that! 别干那事/Stop it! /Stop that!

Why are you doing that?

你干嘛要干那种事. --Why not?

Please line up! 请排队!

Please make a line. /Please form a line.

Don’t cut in line! /Don’t cut! 别插队

Get in line! /Get to the end of the line!

Please go to the end of the line.

Sorry about that.

Don’t push! /Quit pushing! 别推!

Don’t shove!

Get your hands off me! /Don’t touch me!

Don’t call me names! 骂人、说脏话


I didn’t call you names.

Don’t be a blabber mouth! 别多嘴多舌的.

Don’t blab this to anyone!

Mum’s the word! 别声张!*mum沉默、哑

Don’t be so talkative! 多嘴的、好说话的

Don’t tell anyone my secret!

Keep your lips sealed.

Keep it out of sight. 要做得不露痕迹

Okay. I’ll try.

I don’t want anyone to see it.

I don’t want to see it ever again.

Hi! That’s a nice jacket.

Stay away from me. 离我远点! /Stay away!

Get out of here!

Leave me alone.

Drop the gun,放下枪/ no funny stuff!不许耍花样.

Anything you say. 照你说的做

I’m going to call the police.

You stay out of this! /Don’t get involved!

Mind your own business! /Stay out of it!

I’ll finish the decorations for you.

Okay, but Don’t ruin it. *破坏、糟蹋


Don’t be a party pooper. *party pooper原指使宴会扫兴的人

Stop fighting.别打架 --But he hit me first.


Hey, you, freeze! 别动!

Duck! 卧倒、蹲下

You have to duck down here.得躲到这儿来

Hands up! 举起手来/Put your hands up! /Hands in the air!

Don’t move! 不许动 /Don’t make a move!

You listen to me!照我说的做 /Do as I said!

Get down! 趴下!

Stay where you are!站住! /Halt! /

Hold it! 站住!

Move on! /Move! /Let go!

On your knees! 跪下!

Let go of me! 放手!

Run for your lives! 快逃吧!

Let’s get out of here!

Stop him/ her! 阻止他/截住她

Can it! /Shut up! 闭嘴!

Stand back! / Step back! 后退!

Cut it out! /Stop it! 算了吧!

You’re under arrest. *逮捕

Spread’em! *是指Spread them手脚分开

Heads up! 小心!危险!

Look out! /Watch out!

Drop it! 放下!

Get your hands off! 拿开你的手!

Stay down! 趴下!

Get lost! 快溜吧!

Get out of here! 滚出去

Back off! *闪开!

Go away! 走远点儿!

Leave me alone!



Thank u. /Thank you very much. 非常感谢/Thanks. /Thanks a lot. /Thank you so much.

You’re welcome.

Much appreciated. Thank you. 真是非常感谢.

I appreciate it.

Thanks for your kindness.谢谢您的好意.

That’s very nice of you.

That’s very kind of you.

How kind of you.

I appreciate ur kindness.非常感谢你的关怀.

Don’t mention it. 别客气。

I can’t thank you enough. 我无法表达对您的感谢.

You’re quite welcome.

I can hardly thank you enough for your kindness.(真不知如何感谢你的关心) *hardly常和can、could构成否定形式表示“根本不能…”、“难以…”。和barely意思大致相同。

I have no words to thank you.

I can’t express how grateful I am.表谢意

You’ve been very helpful. 你帮我大忙了

You’ve been a big help.

You’ve been a great help.

Thank you for the help. 谢谢你的帮助–My pleasure.

Thank you for helping me.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks for your time.耽误您时间,真对不起.

Don’t worry about it. 没关系。

Thanks for everything.感谢您为我做的一切!

Thanks for all you’ve done.

Thank you for all of your kindness.

Thank you anyway. 不敢怎么都要谢谢您!

Thanks for offering, but I have other plans.

It’s on me. 这次我请客。

Oh! How nice!哦!那太好了!

How lovely!

What a treat!

I owe you one.我欠你的情.

I’m much obliged. 万分感谢。

I’m in your debt. 我欠你的情.

Thanks a lot for your present.谢谢你送给我的礼物.

Thank you for your gift.

I really like your apartment.

Thanks for saying so.

It’s nice of you to say so. 您能这样说我非常感谢.

You have a run in your stocking.

Thanks for telling me.谢谢你告诉我.

Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for waiting for me.非常感谢您等着我.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Sorry, I’m late.

Thanks for asking me out. *ask someone out 一般是“约会”的意思。


Thanks for inviting me.

Thanks for cheering me up. 鼓励


Thank you for making me feel better.

Watch out! Stop!


you saved my life. 你救了我一命.

Thanks for warning me.谢谢你对我的忠告.

Thanks for the warning.

Thanks for coming all the way over here.谢谢你不远万里专程跑一趟.

It was no trouble. 这没什么

Thank you for your letter. It was very

kind of you.谢谢你的来信,你对我太好了!

–You’re welcome.


Thank you for everything.

You’re welcome. /My pleasure.不客气

Don’t mention it.不必客气. /No problem. /Not at all.

You’re quite welcome /That’s quite alright.

Don’t worry about it.

Thanks, you saved my life!

I’m glad I could help.能帮助你我非常高兴.


I’m sorry. I made a mistake.

That’s all right. 没什么

Ouch! –

Whoops, 啊!对不起!

excuse me.(对不起,请原谅)

I beg your pardon. *比较正式

I’m awfully sorry.我真的非常抱歉 /Oh, sorry.

I’m sorry about that. 为这事真对不起.

It’s my fault. 这是我的疏忽.

That’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

I’m to blame. 全怪我。

Oops. My mistake. 哎呀,我弄错了

Oops, so sorry.

I feel bad about it.那事儿我觉得很抱歉

I wish it had never happened.

I’m sorry I couldn’t come.真抱歉,我不能来

That’s all right.

I’m sorry about the other day.前几天真是很抱歉

Please forgive my rudeness. 请您原谅我的失礼.

–I’ll forgive you.

I’m sorry I was rude.

I don’t know how to apologize to you.


I can’t express how sorry I am.

Words can’t express how sorry I am.

I have no words to apologize to you.

I didn’t mean that. 打算说/做……


I’m sorry to trouble you. --That’s okay.

I’m really sorry for troubling you.


It was nothing.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.


I was about to go home. 正要…

I’m sorry to be late again.

Sorry, I’m late again.

Are you coming to my party?

I wish I could ,我希望.可是… but I’m busy on Friday.


I’m sorry. --That’s all right.没事.

Don’t worry about it. /Don’t worry.

It’s no big deal.

I forgot to bring your book. – Never mind

Please be more careful next time.



Let me get your coat for you. --Thanks.我帮您收大衣吧.

I like your apartment.

Make yourself at home.向在自己家一样.

Excuse me. 很抱歉.

One moment, please.

Do you have a minute? 现在你有空吗

Can I talk to you for a minute?我能跟您说几句话吗?

Are you busy now?

Can I talk to you for a minute?

–Sure, go ahead.

After you. 您先请。 --Oh, thank you.

Can I give you a hand?


–That’s all right, thanks. 好的,谢谢

Excuse me. 对不起,我过一下.

–That’s all right. 您请

I’ll accept your offer. 我接受你的建议/就照你说的 --That’s great! 太棒了

Sorry to interrupt you.对不起打断一下. --Yes? 什么事?

Sorry for the short notice. 急的,突然的


Don’t worry about it.


I got a promotion today. --Great! 太棒了

That’s great! /Excellent! / Wonderful!

Fantastic! *非常高兴,同时又吃惊

John is incredible! 约翰你真够出色的!

John is the greatest!

Look! I made this chair. --Good job!真不错!

You did it! /Well done! /Great!

I got 100 points!

Way to go! 好样的! /Right on! /Nice going! /Good going! /All right.

My grades went up!

Well done, son! 儿子,你真棒!

We ran a race and I was the fastest.

Congratulations! 恭喜了!

You were great!你真了不起!

It was nothing.

You were wonderful!

That was very smart! 你真聪明!

I’ve started jogging.

My teacher praised me today.

Good for you! 恭喜你/干得不错/真是件好事.

I admire you for it!

Kenji and I are friends now. --That’s great.

That’s good for you! 太好了!

I cleaned up my room.

Good boy. 好孩子/Good girl.

What a nice dress! 多漂亮的裙子呀!

I like your shirt.我真喜欢你的衬衫.

That’s a nice shirt.

That shirt looks good on you.

You look good in that shirt.

That’s a great tie.你的领带真漂亮!

Do you like it? --I like your tie.

You have a nice car.你有辆好车呀.

It’s brand-new. 这可是辆新车呀

Where did you buy it? 在哪买的?

I bought it at the K store. 是在K店买的.

It was on sale. 降价(在特别降价的时候);for sale是“出售“

You look nice. 你看上去真好…真帅! /You look good.

You look pretty. /You look great!

How does it look?

It looks nice on you. 看上去很适合…

It’s a big hit! 这是一个巨大的成功!

All the credit goes to you. 功绩、功劳


You deserve all the credit.

What do you think of my proposal?

Brilliant! /It’s brilliant! 非常出色!

That’s brilliant!

What a man!真是个男子汉!

He’s a real hero!

He’s a great man! /He’s a real man.

We won again.

Wow, you’re on a winning streak. 又赢啦!干得好

You have a cute son. 你儿子真可爱.

You have a cute daughter.

Thank you. She takes after her mother.

You look young for your age.您看上去很年轻.

You’re the only one who has said that.

I appreciate your effort very much.我非常感谢你为此所作出的努力.

Thank you for your hard work.

I’m getting married.

I envy you.真羡慕你 /I don’t envy you.

He thinks highly of you.

He has a high opinion of you.


I need a boss I can look up to. 尊敬


So, he complained to his boss.

He’s got guts. 他真有勇气 /He’s brave.

(12) 商谈


I think it’s very important.

I agree. /I agree with that. /I’m with you. /I’m for it.

I don’t agree.

Tokyo is too expensive.

I think so, too. 我也这样认为.

Let’s see a movie.

Anything you say! 好哇!

I’m with u. /Okay, let’s. /You’re in charge. /You’re the boss. /I agree with u.

No objection! 没有意义.

What do you think of my proposal?

I don’t have any objection to it.异议、反对(我不反对.)

I have no objection to it. /I don’t object to it./No problem here. /Sounds alright to me.

How’s tomorrow?

That’s fine with me. 我没问题。

That sounds good.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

How was the proposal?

How’s everything?

Fine.很好 /Good. /It’s acceptable.那就行了. /Okay.

How does that sound? 那样行吗?

That’s fair. 那就行了 /Fair enough.

That meeting was awful.

You can say that again. 我也有同样感觉

I’ll say. /Definitely.

Let’s go out!

Sounds like fun. 好像挺有意思.

Did you study for the test?

You bet. 当然!/一定!

That is for sure. /You know it. /I’d bet on it. /You can bet on it. /Bet on it. /Of course. /It goes without saying. /That goes without saying. /You betcha.

Are you for or against his idea?


How is it?

The boss approved my proposal.

Good. /It’s good. /Great! 太棒了!

Let’s do this part first.

Good idea. /Good thinking.

Bad idea. 馊主意。

Don’t you agree? 你同意吗?

What you say is partly right. *部分的


You are partially correct.

I agree with you partially. 我部分同意


I know I’m correct. 我认为我是正确的。

I don’t agree. *比I can’t agree.语气要强


I don’t agree with that. /I don’t agree with you.

All politicians are liars.

I can’t agree. 我不能同意. /I can’t agree with that. /I can’t agree with you.

Do you think it’s true?

I doubt it.我怀疑. /I don’t think so.

It’s not likely to happen. 才不会发生呢!

We found out that he wasn’t there.

Objection! / I object! 我反对

That’s not what you said.你不是这样说的.

You didn’t say that.

I’m telling the truth.

I can’t buy that! 我无法相信.

That doesn’t make sense. 那不合乎道理

That’s ridiculous! 那太荒谬了

I refuse to believe that. 我不敢相信

Let’s cheat. 我们糊弄一回吧。

Bad idea.坏主意. /That’s a bad idea. /That’s not a good idea. /Not a good idea.

How is it? --No good. 那可不好哦!

That’s no good.

Let’s go drinking.算了吧!

Let’s not. 算了吧!

He’s guilty. 他有罪

That’s impossible. 那不可能.

Impossible. /That can’t be.

I saw you steal the money.

That’s absolute nonsense.那完全胡说八道.

Don’t be so unreasonable.别那么不讲道理

That’s out of the question. 那根本不可能

That’s quite impossible.

I think it’s a good idea.

It won’t work. 恐怕行不通

It will work. 看起来不错

You always work late.

Not always. 不总是这样

Not really. 不是那样、不…

Do you want to go out for dinner?

–Not really. 不太想去

Was it fun? --Not really.

It must be expensive. --Not really. /Not especially.


Are you Ms. Tanaka?

Yes, I am. /Oh, yes! /Oh, yeah! *很肯定

No, I’m not.

Do you like movies? --Yeah.*随意

Is John off today?

I think so. 我想是的 /believe so. /So they say. /So I understand. /I suppose so. /To my understanding.

You’re from Canada, right?

Right. /That’s right. /Yes. /Correct. /That’s correct. /You’re correct. /That’s true.


Is that right?

Absolutely! 一点儿没错!

Do you want to go?

Absolutely! /Definitely. /That’s it exactly. /Exactly.

Not exactly. 未必/不全是

Is it true? --In a word, yes.一句话,是 /Absolutely.

What do you think?

You’re perfectly correct.你说的很对.

You’re quite right. / You’re exactly right.

You’re absolutely correct.

In a sense he’s right.在某种意义上他是对的.

Let’s push this button.

That’s it! 啊,对啦!

Let’s try this way. --That’s it!

That’s a winner. /Sounds like a winner.

That’s not it. 啊,不对。

Do you mean this one?

You got it. 正是!

You’ve got it. /That’s right./You know it.

We should fire him.

Your answer is to the point. 你说到点子上了.

Your answer is very to the point. 确实

That’s a very straightforward answer.

It’s true.

I bet. 应该是的 .

Would you like some more?

Why not? ①好的 /No reason not to. /Sure. /Thanks. /No problem.

You can’t see your friends today.

Why not? ②为什么不行?

You play tennis, right?

Bingo! 对啰!

We should lower taxes!

Hear, hear! 说得对!说得对!

I’d like a wake-up call, please.

Yes, sir. / Yes, ma’am. 是.先生/是.女士.*对女性

No, sir./No, ma’am.

It’s a hard job.

No doubt. /No doubt about it. /You said it. /You can say that again. 确实是.

That’s doubtful.

I’ll help you after dinner, okay?

Fair enough. 当然行!

That’s fair. /That’s reasonable.

Did you lose your wallet?

I’m afraid so. 恐怕就是这样了

Do I have to do it again? --I’m afraid so.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Your opinion is reasonable. 你的意见有道理.

Your opinion stands to reason.

That’s a reasonable opinion.

Your opinion is unreasonable.

I’m telling the truth.

If you say so. 如果你说是,那就是吧

Is he coming?

Yeah, as far as I know. 是的,据我所知。

Yeah, as far as I can tell.

Yes, to the best of my knowledge.

Yes, I think so.

Have you finished your homework yet?

I’m going to. 我这就做!


You’re lying. --No, I’m not. 不,没有./我不是/Yes, I am.

You’re from Canada, right?

Wrong. /Right.

Go this way.

No, that’s not right. 那是不对的. /That’s not correct.


Everyone lies. There is nothing wrong with it. 大家都撒谎,这没什么不好的

Your idea is fundamentally wrong.


There is something fundamentally wrong with your idea.

Your idea lacks morals. 你的想法真缺德

Are you saying you’re better than I am?

That’s not what I mean. 我不是那个意思.

I didn’t mean that.

You misunderstood me. 你误会我了

Did you cheat?

Certainly not. 哪有的事/当然不是.

Of course not.

Haven’t you been abroad?

No, never. 没有,从来没有.

Aren’t you tired?

No, not a bit. 不,一点儿都不。

I think she’s pregnant. 怀孕

No way! 肯定不对!/Never. /Definitely not! /Absolutely not! 绝对不会


I can’t find my wallet.

How can that be? 怎么可能呢?

How could that be? /That’s impossible.

How can it be true?

We don’t agree on this point. 在这点上,我们意见分歧.

I’m not talking about that.我没说那个.

What I’m saying is another matter.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

Are you free tonight?

Uh-uh. 这个嘛…

Uh-huh. 嗯

That won’t do. 那样不行.

He got a promotion.

He won’t do. 他呀,不行.

That makes no sense. 那也太没道理了.

That doesn’t make sense.

Makes sense. /That makes sense.

Who broke my coffee cup?

Not me. 不是我./It wasn’t me. /I didn’t do it.

I didn’t say that. 我没说那事

I’m innocent. 我是清白的

I heard you say it.

I deny that. 我否认


Maybe也许吧. /perhaps /possibly 偏否定,概率只在40%

Probably 语感积极,概率在80%-90%

Can you finish the report by Friday? -Maybe.

It may possibly rain, but it will probably be sunny again.

Possibly. /Perhaps. /Probably.

Do you agree? 你同意吗?

Not exactly. /Not quite.不完全同意

Don’t you think Japanese people are healthier?

I guess so. 可能是吧/I suppose so.

Do you think it’s true?

It might be true. /It’s possible. 也许吧(偏否定)

What do you think?

It could be true. /That could be./That could be true. 也许吧(偏肯定)

Is he in the office now?

I’m not sure.我不太清楚.

I’m not certain. /I can’t say for sure.

It’ll be sunny tomorrow.

I hope you’re right. 但愿是这样 .

Is your dog big?

Sort of. /Kind of. 差不多吧!

Is this it?

Yeah, it’s something like that.嗯,差不多吧

That’s about it. /That’ll do. /That’s about right.

Don’t you think you can save more money in Tokyo?

It depends. 那得看情况 *depend on a case by-case basis基于具体情况

That depends.

Are you going to ask him?

Maybe yes, maybe no. 也许是,也许不是

Can you play tomorrow?

Hopefully. 但愿如此 /I hope so.

Will it make money?

There’s no guarantee. 不能保证./I can’t guarantee it.

Will it rain today? --I think so. 我想是的.

Do you know where they are?

I can’t say.我说不好. /I couldn’t say. /I can’t say for certain. /I can’t say for sure. /I couldn’t say for certain. 我说不好

Are the people friendly?

Yes and no. 也是也不是.

Fifty-fifty. *俚语。

Is that new plan effective?

Half and half. 难说 *喜忧参半/一半一半

Can you find him?

I’ll try. /I’ll do my best. /I’ll try to.我会试试.

Is your boss nice to you?

It’s difficult to say. 怎么说呢/It’s hard to say.

Is he a good salesman?

Could be better. 还可以更好点.

He gave me an ambiguous answer.

His answer was very vague.


He wasn’t very clear.


So, you should buy it now.

Let me think about it. 让我想想.

Give me time to think it over.

I need some time to think it over.


I need more time to think about it.

Do you like my idea?

I’ll consider it.我会考虑的.

Will you come to my party?

I’ll think about it. 我考虑考虑吧

I’ll give it some thought.

Will you approve the proposal?

I’ll think it over.我得琢磨琢磨.

Please give me a raise. 请给我涨工资

Let me sleep on it. 给我一个晚上的时间考虑

We need longer breaks.

I’ll see what I can do. 我得研究研究.


I like New York in June.

How about you? 你呢?–Me, too.

What about you?

What do you think? 你觉得呢?

I think it’s all right.

What do you say?

How about it?

What’s your answer? 你的意见呢?

What’s your opinion?

What’s your viewpoint?

What’s your point of view?

What’s your suggestion?你的建议呢?

What do you suggest?

What else? 还有别的吗?/Anything else? /What’s left? /Missing anything? 还有别的吗?

Any question will do. / Ask anything. 随便问吧/什么问题都可以.

What do you recommend?


What do you think is the best?

Don’t you think so? 你不是要认为吗?

Can’t you see it?

Do you agree? 你同意吗?

Give me a definite answer. *明确的


I want a definite answer.

I need a definite answer.

Is it “yes”or “no”? 是.还是不是? /Yes, or no?

It doesn’t answer my question.


That’s no answer.

That’s not what I want to know.

You didn’t answer my question.

I’m running for mayor.我的目标是当市长

You don’t stand a chance.有希望、有可能(你没有希望赢.)

It’s the last straw. 我已经忍无可忍了*谚语

That’s it. /It’s the end. /It’s the limit.

I can’t take it anymore.

Let me hear your candid opinion. *直率的(让我听听的的直言.)

Please tell me what you honestly think.

Can you think of anything better?


Have you got a better idea?

Any complaints? 有什么不满意的吗?

No, I’m satisfied.

Do you have any complaints to make?

Do u have anything to complain about?

What is your complaint?你不满意什么?

What are your complaints?

What are you dissatisfied with?

I’m fairly broad-minded. 心胸宽阔,气量大(我是个有度量的人.)

I went out with a gorgeous girl last night.

That kind of chance comes once in a blue moon. 这是一个难得的机会 *稀少


That kind of chance comes once in a blue moon.

What do you think?

In my opinion,照我的想法… we need to cut costs.

What I meant was… ./ What I wanted to say was… /I think… 我的意思是…

Do you mean fire people?

No, what I meant was we need to use cheaper materials.

I think so. /I don’t think so. 我想是的./我想不是.

I think it is a matter of opinion. 我认为这要看个人的看法.

I think that depends on one’s opinion.

It’s not important. 那并不重要.

That’s a good idea. 那是个好主意.

That’s not true. 那是胡说.

That’s right! 对了!没错!

I can’t afford it. 我可负担不起.

It’s worth a look. 值得一看.

You see, we need to stay competitive. 你看,我们必须在竞争中坚持住

The reason is…

Let’s get this straight. 我得先把话说清楚

Let’s get this straight, I’m the boss.

I would not do that. 我是不会做那种事的

I wouldn’t do that.

I wouldn’t ever do that.

I’m not the kind of person who would do that.

I believe you.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. =You haven’t seen anything yet. 你还没看到呢、还有更厉害的呢

Shibuya is very crowded.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. You should see Shinjuku.

One more hand. 再玩一次吧

Let’s leave well enough alone. 够了,到此为止吧! /不要画蛇添足了.

Let’s quit while we’re ahead.

It must be my imagination. 肯定是我的幻觉.

Tax cuts are a good idea. But, in the long run,从长远的看. it’s not good for the country.


I forgot to lock the door.

Why? /How come? *比why?还要口语

I didn’t like the movie. --How come?

I think she’s in love with you.

What makes you think that?你怎会那么想呢?

Why do you say that?

Why do you think that?

Tell me why.告诉我为什么.

What’s the reason? 理由是什么?

My car broke down.

How did it happen? 怎么回事?

How did that happen?

What are you doing this for? 你干嘛要做这种事呢?

Why are you doing this?

What’s the reason you’re doing this?

Why are you doing something like this?

Why did you do that?你为什么要干那样的事呢?

I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to. 我不知道不能这样做

What made you do that?

Why did you do something like that?

How could you? /How could u do that?

The river is getting dirty.

What causes it? 是什么原因呢?/ What is it caused by?

Air pollution.

Explain it to me.请给我解释一下.

You’d better start explaining.

You can’t wear the red pants. 裤子

Why not? 为什么不行?They’re my favorite.

Why can’t I?

Is there a reason?

What are you so happy about?你怎么那么高兴?

It’s a wonderful day.

You seem especially happy today.

What makes you so happy?

I made this big box!

What for? 为了什么?/

For what? 为了谁?/

What is this for? 干什么用? 因为什么?

I bought this gift today.

For who? /Who is it for?

What’s the purpose of your visit? 你旅行的目的是什么?

What brought you here? 为什么来这儿?

Why do you want to do that?

No reason not to.没有理由不这样做吧. /Why shouldn’t I? /Why not? /What’s wrong with it? 为什么不

Why are you here? 你怎么在这.

I’ll tell you why…我告诉你为什么.

This is the reason why…

In brief, it’s like this. 总之,是这么回事

In short, it’s like this. /In a word, it’s like this. /To sum up, it’s like this.

How did Edison make the light bulb?

It started like this… 它的由来是这样的…

This is its history…

This is the way it began…

Why doesn’t it work?

You have to turn it on first.

Oh, that’s why! 哦,原来如此!

That’s why I like her.所以…我喜欢她 --I see.


I think you’re mistaken.我觉得你错了.

I think you’ve been misled.

That man is Mr. Smith.

You’re wrong.你错了. He’s Mr. Sheehan.

You’re incorrect.

Whose fault is that?那事谁的错呀? /Whose fault is it?

Who’s to blame?

I think it’s sour grapes.吃不着葡萄说葡萄酸

I think it’s a case of sour grapes.

Should I buy a red car or a blue car?

That’s up to u.那随你的便 /You choose. /You decide.

He’s poor because he’s lazy.

That’s not the point. 你没说到点上.

That’s not the issue.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

Excuse me. That’s mine.对不起,那是我的.

That doesn’t belong to you.

Excuse me, that’s not yours.

I think that belongs to me.